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The Heart of Agile is a radically simpler approach to achieve outstanding outcomes. Let us  guide you to apply this unique approach.

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Heart of Agile Europe Approach

The Heart of Agile is a radically simpler approach to achieve outstanding outcomes. It’s a reminder to go back to the basics of agile and teamwork with just four words: Collaborate, Deliver, Reflect, Improve.

At Heart of Agile Europe, we are passioned about helping organisations, teams and people to become more effective at their everyday work. Whatever your initiative, in any industry. These four words helps us focus ourselves on the actions that matters and let us explore further the many ways of implementing them. Over the past 4 years, we have been delivering Heart of Agile orientations around the world, while building solid and tangible experience.

We created a unique business approach based on the Heart of Agile concept and its core enablers: Dialog, Openness and Humanity at the center. We believe that a more holistic, human approach will help you drive and achieve the change you want to see in the world. We are based in Gent, Belgium, and from here we manage and deliver services all around Europe.

Working together


We provide training, both public and in-house that is tailored to your needs. We are also part of Heart of Agile Academy which brings enhanced certified training such as the Heart of Agile Essentials. We cover several more topics related to the four quadrants inside Heart of Agile.


Consulting & Coaching

We provide consulting and coaching services to support your organisational change and transformation. Let us take you through a transformative journey where you become more effective acquiring long standing results.  Our guides have been there before and can support you on how to navigate your challenges.


International Speakers

We love to share our passion, experiences and lessons learnt around the world in conferences, meetups as well as in-house lectures.


Heart of Agile Guidelines & Assessments

Do you want to know where are you on your journey and how to improve? We will assist you on that, providing you with a unique approach that brings success. You get all this and more through our Heart of Agile Guidelines & Assessments.


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About Us


Soledad Pinter

Founder Heart of Agile Europe. Heart of Agile trainer, consultant, coach and speaker. She is also the Director of Global Operations of Heart of Agile worldwide. Based in Belgium, she created Heart of Agile Europe to manage and deliver all Heart of Agile business services.

Djordje Babic

 Djordje Babic is an Agile coach with a background in software development, and project management. His focus is improving communication and collaboration, and mapping the flows of decisions and information in systems. As a consultant he builds strong delivery teams, by bringing the best out of product managers, project managers, and team leads, introducing program management, to make portfolios more transparent, and enable Leadership to better understand and steer the organization.

Géry Debier

Géry Derbier blends Agile principles with a Solution Focus approach to help companies develop better organizational agility. A former software engineer, project manager and technical director, he was a pioneer of the Agile movement in France. Passionate about and teaching the Solution Focus approach to collaboration, coaching, and leadership, he has written one the few books on the subject in French.

Agile Sherpa

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Alistair Cockburn

Dr. Alistair Cockburn, co-author of the Agile Manifesto, was voted into the “150 All-time IT Heroes” in 2007. He is author of the award winning books “Agile Software Development: The Cooperative Game” and “Writing Effective Use Cases,” co-founder of the International Consortium for Agile, and creator of the Heart of Agile concept.

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